Interview with the CEO Stefan Paul

“An inspiring Roadmap 2026
and journey to Vision 2030”

Over the last three years, the logistics industry has withstood the challenges of shifting consumer needs, increased energy prices, a pandemic, and the Ukraine war all at the same time. The role that our industry plays – to keep our global economy running by ensuring goods are where they need to be – is now more vital than it has ever been in our 130-year history.

Kuehne+Nagel is responding to these ever-changing market conditions with its new Roadmap 2026 and Vision 2030. At its heart is our ambition to become the most trusted supply chain partner supporting a sustainable future. We will provide a unique Kuehne+Nagel Experience for both employees and customers. We will support the industry’s best logistics experts with a Digital Ecosystem that turns innovative technology, data, and automation into competitive advantages.

Living ESG will reflect our beliefs that sustainability is an integral part of our future – for our people, our planet and our business. We will tap new Market Potential by building on our successes in Healthcare Solutions, e-commerce, and Customs and by introducing new solutions for Renewable Energy customers. We will also strengthen our global presence in growth markets, making it easier for customers to do business.


Building our future on our strong past

Roadmap 2026 is the next evolution of our successful five-year Roadmap 2022. The Group closed 2022 with record earnings for the eighth year in a row.

“Our 80,000 colleagues continue to drive our success,” said Stefan Paul. “The unprecedented disruptions of the last few years significantly increased customer service requirements, and our teams handled them with incredible commitment. They found solutions for our customers, all while adjusting to a new reality of working remotely.”

Kuehne+Nagel delivered 4 billion Covid-19 vaccines around the world, a reflection of the trust that customers place in our Healthcare industry solutions. The company also made deeper inroads into e-commerce and successfully acquired and integrated the Chinese airfreight service provider Apex Logistics to expand our presence in the transpacific market.  

Our goal is to be able to say ‘yes’ more often to our customers. The more challenges we can solve for our customers, the more we earn their trust.”

Stefan Paul

A clear vision and roadmap

Roadmap 2026 is the first step toward achieving the longer-term Vision 2030: becoming the most trusted supply chain partner supporting a sustainable future. The Roadmap has four cornerstones that reflect our priorities.

The first cornerstone is the  Kuehne+Nagel Experience  for our customers and our colleagues. This experience drives stronger trust and stronger growth because it increases customer satisfaction and keeps our colleagues motivated. “Our goal is to provide customers with an extraordinary experience. That means high quality services that are delivered in a consistent, efficient manner around the world. Customers entrust us with their critical supply chains, and we will constantly earn and strengthen this trust by supporting their business success,” said Stefan Paul.

The second cornerstone, Digital Ecosystem, focuses on data and technology. In addition to our ongoing efforts in automation, we will now make it easier to analyze data, to draw insights and conclusions for customers, and to make actionable recommendations. To accomplish this, we are integrating our proprietary data and external data into a modern, cloud-based platform. “Integrating different sources of data seamlessly and applying the insights is essential to ensuring the best digital customer experience, the greatest efficiency, and the fastest time-to-market for new solutions,” said Stefan Paul.

Our third cornerstone, Living ESG, reflects our commitment to lead in sustainable logistics. We aim to reduce our environmental footprint, attract and retain top talent by being the best company to work for, and safeguard our future success by having strong governance. Kuehne+Nagel has signed up to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to reduce emissions by 33% by 2030. All Kuehne+Nagel contract logistics sites will operate on 100% renewable energy, and zero waste will go to landfill. The company also aims to have zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) comprise 60% of its truck fleet. “We are engaging with more customers in new ways and helping them to reduce their CO2 emissions. Supporting a sustainable future is at the core of our company beliefs and vision,” said Stefan Paul.

The fourth cornerstone, Market Potential, represents our ambitions for growth and expansion. Kuehne+Nagel plans to establish its Renewable Energy business by replicating the success of its Healthcare business, which has grown significantly since its launch five years ago. The company will also invest in the Asian and African markets, making it easier for customers to do business. To further extend the 3PL value chain, we will build out our e-commerce services, with a focus on small and medium sized companies. We will also expand our customs clearing operations, which are in high demand. “Our goal is to be able to say ‘yes’ more often to our customers. The more challenges we can solve for our customers, the more we earn their trust,” said Stefan Paul.

Stefan Paul concludes: “The Roadmap 2026 and Vision 2030 show how we will shape our future. By focusing on exceptional quality, employee motivation, customer service, and technology, we will secure Kuehne+Nagel’s sustainable success for years to come.”