Roadmap 2026.
Data and technology for
superior service offerings.


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The successful implementation of the Kuehne+Nagel Experience requires continuous improvement of our IT operations. This is where the second cornerstone of our Roadmap 2026, Digital Ecosystem, comes in. We combine and synchronise all data on supply chains and make it easily accessible to us and our customers. In the coming years, cloud technology, online services for customers, big data and artificial intelligence as well as automation are set to transform the digital ecosystem of Kuehne+Nagel.


The journey of digital transformation goes beyond technological change. It is about creating a data-driven and agile organisation that is able to adapt to rapid change and embrace innovation.

The Digital Ecosystem includes a best-in-class user journey, improved connectivity with partners, better accessible and actionable data, and automation enabled by Artificial Intelligence. This includes the continuation of eTouch. Powered by an expedited move to the cloud, the Digital Ecosystem builds on the strong digital backbone that already supports our operations and customer service activities. This journey to cloud-native digital services has already begun. Our operational expertise and technological foundation makes us uniquely positioned to meet the growing demands of our customers for supply chain transparency, speed, and logistics intelligence with impactful insights via a global data-driven logistics platform.

A key ambition of the Digital Ecosystem is to make data from inside and outside Kuehne+Nagel accessible and actionable. We strengthen trust by combining this data into a single source of truth, which can only arise from outstanding data quality and data literacy across the whole organisation.


We will focus on establishing partnerships with cloud providers, transforming our mindset and culture, and bringing new digital capabilities to life.



The Digital Ecosystem encourages communication between partners and interaction with customers. It will enable us to provide a best-in-class experience for customer, colleagues, and suppliers. By staying on the cutting edge of technological developments, we continue to innovate and meet the changing needs of our customers and partners.

The Digital Ecosystem will enable Kuehne+Nagel to optimize our route planning and delivery flows and to manage disruptions effectively. For our customers, this will translate into more proactive communication and recommendations, for example, to mitigate bottlenecks and offer sustainable solutions.

To facilitate the cloud transition within the Digital Ecosystem, we are establishing a strategic partnership with one of the leading cloud service providers. This partnership will not only provide the necessary technology infrastructure, but also open up new business models and digital go-to-market options. In order to adapt as an organization, we must build a culture that is agile and innovative. When we deploy the best technologies intelligently, we improve our operational efficiency and strengthen our customer propositions. The collaboration model across IT and our business and functional units will optimize the development of digital products.