Roadmap 2026.
Quality, customer satisfaction
and employee motivation.


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The Kuehne+Nagel Experience is the first cornerstone of our Roadmap 2026. Our Goal is to earn greater trust every day from our customers and employees. Our customers entrust us with a vital aspect of their business: the management of their supply chains. We aim to improve customer satisfaction by consistently and reliably delivering top-quality services. To do the job with excellence, we will continue to invest in our highly motivated and skilled employees.


Together for success with the Kuehne+Nagel Experience

The Kuehne+Nagel Experience pools the expertise of the best talent in the industry to provide top-quality service and improve customer satisfaction. But how exactly? Here's an example from the future-defining renewable energies industry that illustrates how our unique combination of customer and employee satisfaction creates sustained value. We also draw on the expertise that we have gained in providing logistics services over the past 130+ years.

A success story: Our global spare parts warehouse in the north of Germany

We operate a global spare parts warehouse in Hodenhagen in Northern Germany on behalf of our Danish customer Vestas. The facility stores a total of 135,000 different articles for wind turbine maintenance and repair and dispatches them to destinations all over the world. Right from the start of our cooperation, Kuehne+Nagel created a holistic service culture that ensures the best possible support for our employees and customers as well as excellent intercommunication.


different articles for wind turbine maintenance and repair are ready for dispatch to destinations all over the world.


“Right from the start we were able to work with the team in Hodenhagen on a basis of trust and a solutions-oriented approach. We're delighted to be expanding our cooperation with Kuehne+Nagel as the logistics supplier for our global warehouse.”

Morten Schockert Nielsen, Director, Head of Global Logistics, Service Supply Chain at Vestas

Applying lean-management principles, we established a feedback culture in Hodenhagen that all parties, across all hierarchy levels, have internalised and live by every day. Daily team meetings and regular feedback sessions give employees orientation, security and scope for their own ideas. This culture of 360° communication and feedback creates trust and boosts employees' identification with their work environments. Even though operational processes and workflows in logistics centres are precisely defined and specified, Kuehne+Nagel strives to give all employees the opportunity to contribute their own expertise and creativity and to achieve their full potential.

About Vestas

Vestas is the global partner for sustainable energy solutions. The Danish company designs, engineers, manufactures, installs and maintains onshore and offshore wind turbines worldwide. Vestas has installed wind turbines in 88 countries with a total output of over 160 GW — more than any other manufacturer. Applying industry-leading smart-data functions, Vestas utilises data for interpretation, forecasting and exploitation of wind resources and supplies premium wind energy solutions.


Employee fluctuation at the startup of any new contract logistics facility is typically around 30%. We took targeted measures to do much better. When choosing employees, we looked not only at their qualifications and experience in the service sector, but also at whether applicants have the right interpersonal skills to fit into our company, our corporate culture and our teams. The results speak for themselves: 90% of the newly hired employees are committed to working long-term for Kuehne+Nagel. Our customer Vestas profits from this high level of loyalty and from good interpersonal relations, because more stable teams make it possible to develop and establish even smoother and more robust processes from the outset. As a result, Vestas decided in December to double the volume of the spare parts warehouse in Hodenhagen.



fluctuation at a new site is also a guarantee
of success for our customers.


Only satisfied and motivated employees can deliver top service for our customers. That's why we place such a high value on mutual respect, recognition and appreciation of good work. Our feedback sessions help us to grow as a team every day.

Goran Jurcevic, Branch Manager at Kuehne+Nagel in Hodenhagen

Growing together

Excellent service quality and satisfied customers are essential for sustained growth — for us as well as for our customers. We rely on transparency, trust and self-responsibility of our employees. We support employees with qualification programmes tailored to their talents and ambitions. With the Roadmap 2026 we're drawing on our experience to implement new standards globally across all departments so that we provide our employees and customers with the best service experience in the industry every day.