Roadmap 2026.
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Kuehne+Nagel's Roadmap 2026 will also powerfully expand business by developing new industry-specific solutions, increasing presence in growth regions and focusing on value-adding solutions. These initiatives are included in Market Potential, the fourth cornerstone of the Roadmap 2026.


One focus of the Market Potential cornerstone is value-added solutions in the fast-growing e-commerce sector. In 2022 alone, Kuehne+Nagel handled over 230 million e-commerce shipments.

More than half of all online purchases are for fashion items. User-friendly web stores, a large selection, fast ordering, next-day delivery, click and collect, convenient return options — as the demands in online retail continue to grow, so does the demand for customised, high-performance, end-to-end logistics.


clients in the fashion industry

We provide fashion retailers with optimal logistics organisation which fits to changing end-consumer requirements. It is now possible to select multiple delivery options while personalising the packages according to the brand image.

Tailor-made services for the French fashion industry

Brand experience is everything that connects a brand with its consumers. Attention to detail and product presentation are key elements in fashion logistics. This goes from simple customisation to high-end services in order to satisfy the most demanding end customers. In this context, we offer a unique and reliable supply chain for each new fashion creation, starting directly in the warehouse, right before the last trip to the store. To us, service excellence encompasses the ability to meet our customers’ expectations consistently at each stage of the custom work, and even exceed them on occasion:

  Product personalization, going as far as embroidery, flocking, engraving, or handwriting.
  Strong flexibility of the supply chain thanks to mechanisation
  Specific tracking services allowing better visibility into the flow of goods
  Management of cross-border shipments, customs and taxes

“We are developing know-how for fashion logistics with a high degree of personalisation. Delivery is an essential part of the customer experience, and Cabaïa customers benefit from an experience aligned with brand values and quality from the moment they receive the package.”

Laurent Kraffmuller,
Director of Contract Logistics
at Kuehne+Nagel France

Paris Fashion Centre of Excellence

The Paris Fashion Centre of Excellence is a great illustration of Kuehne+Nagel's ability to concentrate different expertise with high added value to meet customers’ needs. This dedicated centre is the perfect answer to the growth of online sales of clothing and textiles. It provides a unique network of innovative multimodal transport solutions, which allows us to control costs, delivery times and carbon emissions.

Motivated by Kuehne+Nagel's fashion expertise, the Designer Cabaïa recently joined the Paris Fashion Centre of Excellence. This expertise includes our ability to serve different targets — from independently-owned stores to multi-brand or B2C stores — and also our ability to absorb a very volatile demand, such as the large volume of caps and hats in winter. We process an estimated 4,800,000 pieces per year on an area of nearly 5,000 sqm.

Concentrating expertise makes it possible to respond to seasonal fluctuations, peak periods, and an ever-changing catalogue of new garments from the latest collections. This requires a high degree of personalisation — We put together perfect logistics and haute couture services, adapted to individual needs, just like a tailored suit!


higher turnover for Kuehne+Nagel Contract Logistics
in the fashion industry in 2022



Investing in a durable supply chain

It is easier for customers to entrust us with their business when we solve their critical problems. This is why our French teams are venturing beyond traditional boundaries as they design solutions to address ever-changing consumer demands. This is especially true when it comes to the environment. At a time when fashion, just as the logistics sector, represents 8% of CO2 emissions worldwide, it is important to us to provide environmentally friendly solutions. That is why we are striving for WWF Gold Standard certification.