Sustainability highlights

Renewable electricity
% at our Contract Logistics sites and 99% at all sites
LED footprint
% covering 7,875,596m² of buildings
Female representation
% in senior management and 40% in global workforce
% and more completed our Annual Code of Conduct confirmation
Employee rate
% of interns into global workforce
5 star rating
out of 5 for our onboarding app

An approach split across three key pillars

As a supply chain leader, Kuehne+Nagel takes both its impact on the environment and its capacity to leverage industry change seriously. Setting ambitious, science-based emission reduction targets for our own operations, we also support – through our value chain — customers with their transition to net-zero logistics. As such, we invest in the electrification of our own fleet of trucks, as well as renewable energy for our offices and fulfilment centres, and offer a range of customer solutions such as emission measurement and sustainable fuels. We intend to build on numerous pilot programmes and initiatives moving forward, such as the reduction of waste and plastic materials in our contract logistics operations, the installation of solar panels on trucks and the use of electric vehicles for airport freight transfer.

With a focus on both people and the planet, Kuehne+Nagel also seeks to be the best company to work for — and with — by creating a workplace where inclusion and equal opportunities are firmly anchored within our corporate culture. Ultimately, our strategy is shaped by the conviction that positive employees and customer experiences are inextricably linked. Employees drive our strategy as they look for greater purpose, lend importance to health, safety and wellbeing and seek to manage their careers through continuous personal development. We are driven by respect for the uniqueness of everyone, believing in the innovative power of diversity within teams. Initiatives include increasing female leadership representation and the number of interns we welcome into the company.

Achieving our environmental and social ambitions requires corporate governance. Our policies and practices are centred on business integrity, accountability, fairness and transparency. Kuehne+Nagel is committed to establishing loyal, trustworthy, and non-discriminatory relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees and the communities in which we work. Furthermore, in a digital age, Kuehne+Nagel’s responsibility includes secure data management, cyber security, and a commitment to open communication with our stakeholders, ensuring transparency around the products and services we offer and how we operate in line with applicable laws and regulations.

Our Online Report showcases a selection of ESG topics. For the full report, please download the pdf.